Expired Listings

One expired listing is enough, don’t let it happen again! If the listing on your home expired, you’ve come to the right place!


We help our clients to price their home strategically, setting the right price is the most crucial decision to be competitive in the current housing market.


We will promote your property on social media, real estate websites and printed media to attract more buyers and the quickest possible sale.


We will reach out to active real estate agents, brokers, buyers and investors in our database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.

Selling your property successfully for Top Dollar takes a strategic marketing plan

There are many reasons why a property doesn’t sell. Some Realtors® blame price and terms, while owners usually blame the Realtor, in many cases, the owner may be right! From staging your home in preparation for sale to advertising the property through print and via the Internet, from virtual tours to broker open homes, we utilize a powerful array of programs to successfully market your home and quickly get the results you want.

We would like to meet you and discuss the many ways in which our marketing program differs from other real estate companies. It’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time. If you agree, we’ll work together and get your property SOLD. If not, at least we’ll answer your questions and help you decide on your next Realtor, even if it’s not us.

Your Home Listing Expired: Now What?

Your listing has now expired, and you are facing several important questions. Do you take the property off the market? Do you re-list with the same agent? Do you try a new approach that will get your property SOLD? We have a comprehensive program to utilizes a variety of marketing solutions to position your home to the right buyer.